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  1. Child Teepee

    The Boy is obsessed with Dora.  My husband just constructed a tacky yellow plastic Dora house in the back yard.  The boy climbs the roof of his Dora house and tells us that he is G-d.  I am so pleased that he is having fun with Dora and that his ego is bursting…but would much rather see a classic teepee out there.  They can’t climb on top of teepees.  This one is from Etsy and costs $130.

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  2. Father’s Day Gift Idea

    This is a personalized hand-stamped golf marker set which could be perfect for the dad in your family.  It’s my daily Etsy find.  However, I have to admit that I don’t know what the hell a golf marker is.

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  3. Free to play…

    The following is an excerpt from a blog called Playborhood by a dad named Mike Lanza.  His blog is all about nurturing outdoor play in our neighbourhoods and providing our children with this important opportunity that many of us  had while growing up.   I find his blog informative and inspirational and I hope you will too.  Mike Lanza’s goal (below), will tell you what it’s all about.

    My Goal

    I want my kids to play outside with other neighborhood kids every day.
    I want them to create their own games and rules.
    I want them to play big, complex games with large groups of kids, and simpler games one-on-one with a best friend.
    I want them to decide for themselves what to play, where, and with whom.
    I want them to settle their own disputes with their friends.
    I want them to create their own private clubs with secret rules.
    I want them to make lasting physical artifacts that show the world that this is their place.
    I want them to laugh and run and think.
    Every day.

    That’s what I had.  It’s my standard for a good childhood.  It’s my goal for my kids.

    Mamapicks says AMEN.

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  4. Lickety Sips!

    While I was at Walmart buying 20 boxes of diapers last week, I came across these popsicle molds in the “patio dish” aisle.  There are a few great things about these…the lids close properly, it’s a great way to get vitamins into your kids by using real fruit juice, AND near the end when popsicles get all melty, your kid can simply use the straw to slurp the mess away.  Only $2.47 for a set of 4.  If you have any great home-made popsicle recipes, do tell and I will share them here.

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  5. Mastermind Warehouse Sale!

    Click above to read more info and directions.  Remember, don’t bring the kid but DO bring the stroller.

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  6. Dads?

    Hello?  Are there any dads reading this blog?  Well, most moms I spoke to were a little disappointed with their Mother’s Day tributes.  It’s actually very simple.  All we want is words of love and appreciation…and some time away from it all.  If you screwed up, perhaps the above necklace will do the trick.  I think it’s pretty unique, no?

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  7. Big Discounts at Grand River Toys

    I’ve ordered toys from Grand River Toys before – the selection is great and the discounts during these sales are phenomenal.  Order for all upcoming birthdays and save time & money.  Sale is on until Sunday.

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  8. 40% off at Tommy Hilfiger

    Click to print your copy!  Valid until May 24th.

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  9. Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon

    Click to print your own copy.   Valid until May 24th.

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  10. What to do this weekend…May 22-24

    So…the upcoming weather isn’t looking too great, is it?  But…we will hope for a weekend that is as nice as today.

    Get to know High Park – I have never been but have heard about the train, petting zoo, children’s garden and the great playground (see photo above).  Free walking tours will be lead all weekend.

    HarbourKIDS presents a circus festival at Harbourfront for kids ages 5-12yrs.

    Wonderland is open and there will be fireworks @ 10pm on May 23rd.

    Go to the Distillery District’s Artisans in the Village Craft show, open Sat-Mon. 10am-6pm.

    Black Creek Pioneer Village is celebrating Alice in Wonderland!  Let your mind wander into this whimsical world and enjoy a lively and interactive stage performance, a fun maze, and lots of colourful characters!

    This is Ontario Place’s opening weekend.  I have to let you know but please don’t join the masses for your own good!

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  11. Old Navy $1 Flip-Flops

    Rumour has it that Old Navy’s $1 flip-flop sale is on this Saturday, May 22nd.  So go right ahead and go flip-flopping.

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  12. Rona Scratch & Save Event

    Perhaps something for your house…or a manly tool for Father’s Day.  I have a feeling they sell plants too.  Check here for store locations.

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  13. Gap Mystery Discount: One more day left…

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  14. Incredible Sale @ Walmart

    The sale begins this Thursday, May 19th and some of the goodies for us parents are:

    Pampers Giant Pack Diapers – $24.95 (stock up mamas…you have 90 days to return if you need to!)

    Tylenol Extra Strength – $4.93 (box of 100)

    Milupa Baby Cereal – 2 for $5 (!!)

    Baby MumMums – 2 for $3 (!!!)

    Lots more on the flyer…diaper genie refills, wipes, baby soaps & lotions, some formula, etc.

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  15. Father’s Day Perk

    Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20th. Take advantage of Huddy Buddy’s huge spring sale while honouring dad with our “I’m just like my dad.” or “I’m daddy’s princess.” Little Chatterbox tees. Other designs available too, and all are just $12!

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  16. Gymboree 30% off coupon

    Click and print your copy!

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  17. Joe Fresh Coupon

    There are tons of great things at Joe Fresh…but I especially like their PJs for kids.  They are comfortable and only $10-$12 a pair!  Enjoy this coupon until June 15th, 2010.  Click and print your copy.

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  18. What to do this weekend…May 15th & 16th

    Enjoy the Dinosaur Eggs & Babies: Remarkable Fossils from South Africa exhibition at the ROM.   You and your family will have the opportunity to see exceptional and rarely-seen artifacts.  The exhibition (May 8th – July4th), displays the oldest fossilized dinosaur eggs with embryos ever found, as well as other impressive discoveries never before displayed to the public.

    Visit Centre Island – Centreville open all weekends in May!

    Wonderland…now open weekends too.

    Most farms are already open to the public – our family’s favourite is Whittamore’s Farm with its great Fun Farmyard.  Highly recommended!

    If the weather is great, have a picnic at a park and set your kids free on the rolling grass 😉

    Sesame Street Live is playing at Rogers Centre  May 21-23nd.  Check Ticketmaster for tickets.

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  19. Disney Store Moving Sale!

    This just in….the Disney Store in Vaughan Mills is closing down for a while in order to get a magical make-over.  Starting today, they are cutting prices by 40-50% on all items.  If only Vaughan Mills wasn’t so far, big and daunting, I’d rush over to get Princess Ariel paraphernalia for The Girl.  Hmph.  I just called the store and they are liquidating EVERYTHING…

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  20. 20% off silhouette prints

    Get 20% off  beautiful silhouette prints from Honeybunch when you enter code may20 at checkout.  This is a great local online boutique & store with lots of unique items.  Promotion valid until May 29th.

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  21. Portable Baby Bed

    Ever go over to a friend’s house, have your baby fall asleep on you, and have no where to put it down?  Finally, someone thought of a portable bed.  It’s comfy, well-sized and secure.  You can place it on your bed for safe co-sleeping, take it with you when traveling (it folds up) or visiting friends.  Available throughout the US and online stores.

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  22. Free Printable Invitations

    For all occasions…these are really beautiful!

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  23. Gap Spring Event – 30% off

    Click on the coupon to print your copy!

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  24. Original Birthday Invitation

    Is this not the coolest invitation?  If you are planning a Lego themed party, it’s perfect.

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  25. Bath & Body Works

    This one says “Offer valid in Canadian stores only”.  That’s a first!

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