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Free to play…

The following is an excerpt from a blog called Playborhood by a dad named Mike Lanza.  His blog is all about nurturing outdoor play in our neighbourhoods and providing our children with this important opportunity that many of us  had while growing up.   I find his blog informative and inspirational and I hope you will too.  Mike Lanza’s goal (below), will tell you what it’s all about.

My Goal

I want my kids to play outside with other neighborhood kids every day.
I want them to create their own games and rules.
I want them to play big, complex games with large groups of kids, and simpler games one-on-one with a best friend.
I want them to decide for themselves what to play, where, and with whom.
I want them to settle their own disputes with their friends.
I want them to create their own private clubs with secret rules.
I want them to make lasting physical artifacts that show the world that this is their place.
I want them to laugh and run and think.
Every day.

That’s what I had.  It’s my standard for a good childhood.  It’s my goal for my kids.

Mamapicks says AMEN.

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