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  1. What to do this weekend…July 31st- August 2nd

    Bowmanville Zoo. We recently checked this place out and I am really fond of this zoo.  You see, I don’t really like the Toronto Zoo because it is so big, the distances between one animal exhibit to the next is huge if you are with small children, and it is really hard to see the animals.  Bowmanville Zoo is smaller, perfect for seeing animals up close.  They are in your face, can’t miss them!  All of the important ones are there – elephants, tigers, zebras, lions, etc.  Sorry, no aquatic animals.  There are camel  and elephant rides (!) and there is a splash pad (bring your splash pad gear!!!).  You can feed the animals and my kids particularly enjoyed chasing peacocks and holding a wee baby goat.  Get free children’s passes here ($13 saving).  This zoo is perfect for young kids and I think it was worth the drive to Bowmanville.

    If your kids are into Pirates, your family might enjoy The Pirate Festival at the Country Heritage Park in Milton.

    Go see Snoopy Rocks on Ice in the Wonderland Theatre.  If you want to purchase day passes for less, enter corporate code ROGERS10 and buy the tickets online.

    Interactive Family Day Sundays at the High Park Theatre invite parents and children of all ages to explore the magic of theatre together. Go on a backstage tour and take part in games and activities that explore aspects of acting, rhythm, dance, music.Family Day Sundays provide a fun-filled learning experience for the entire family and are free.


    …and by the way, thanks to all zero of you who wrote in about your favourite lakes in Ontario.

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  2. Bath & Body Works Soap Event

    When people I knew used to go on vacations/business trips to the USA, I would always them to bring me back anti-bacterial soap.  My excitement about having Bath & Body Works in Canada has yet to wear off!

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  3. How much sleep have you lost??

    According to an article that a friend sent me, parents of new babies lose 6 months of sleep in two years.  I certainly feel that way…however, I am not sure if the stats derived by this British survey are reliable.  That being said, the article did make me feel good and it legitimized some crazy things I have done recently (like put diesel in my car by mistake).  Read the article here.  And please, don’t write to me about confounding variables, this site is meant to be fun 😉

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  4. Party Signs

    If you have had an outdoor party this summer, you must have sent the husband to write a sign of some sorts (party this way, bathroom, do not enter…that sort of thing).  Well, there is always a blog out there with some brilliant creative type who has done just that… only made it pretty.  Then, there are those blessed creative types who offer it to normal people for free!  Draw! Pilgrim is a beautiful design blog where you can find all the printable signs you may need for your next party  and more.

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  5. Gap Factory Outlet Sale

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  6. 1/2 price @ Toys R Us

    The foam puzzle is a great way to cover the floor when you have little ones.  Not only does it protect your hardwood or carpet…but also protects your kids from hard surfaces.  $17.47 through July 29th!  The cash register is a favourite toy around our house and is also on sale for 9.97 (reg. 19.99).

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  7. 30% off at the Gap

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  8. Bulk Barn Coupon

    With this coupon, I bring you a link to a staple in our household – Homemade Granola.  When The Boy (4 yrs. old) was born, one of my think-of-everything-manage-to-get-everything-done-most-incredible-friend came over with food.  She made granola among other more complicated things and brought it over with vanilla yogurt.  Ever since then, it is a must have at our house.  Simply delicious, healthy and all of the ingredients are available at Bulk Barn.

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  9. Making Life Just a Little Less Hairy!

    I first heard about Haircuts on Wheels shortly after having The Baby.  The Girl & The Boy needed haircuts and nothing seemed more daunting (and annoying) than getting them all in the car on time, waiting for the hair dresser (because let’s face it, we always have to wait), keeping one kid busy while the other is getting the haircut…and intermittently nursing an infant.

    I called Kimberly and set up an appointment (I also rescheduled a couple of times which didn’t phase her because she is a mom and knows what it’s all about).  She arrived on a sunny afternoon with a huge smile and it was like Mary Poppins landed in my house.  With stool in hand, she set everything up in our family room and all was calm, easy, convenient.

    Her magic bag included a cover for my floor, a DVD player for the kids with a great selection of DVDs that they each chose from,  Organic hair products (!) and an awesome dust buster.  My kids, who are not easy when it comes to new experiences and people, were so comfortable and it was the best haircut experience we have ever had.

    Haircuts on Wheels is a brilliant concept just as it is, but Kimberly also cuts kids’ hair in schools and daycares to save parents even more time.  She also arranges school fundraisers and a portion goes back to the schools.  So come September, if you are on the PTA, remember this great fund-raising option.  Last but not least, Kimberly has been nominated for Savvy Mom’s Mompreneur of the Year Award and your vote can help support her!

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  10. Bath & Body Works Coupon

    This is a mystery offer – save 15-30% on your purchase when you bring in this coupon.  Valid until July 21st.  Click to print your coupon.

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  11. Incredible picnic blanket…

    One of the best gifts I ever received  with my first baby (The Boy), is still in use today and is so great for summer excursions.  It is the Tuffo Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket with case.  It is gorgeous, functional and comfortable.  Perfect size.  It even comes with us on the plane…to pad the airplane floor the kids sleep on.  For trips to the park and to the lake, we love our picnic blanket.  The only drawback is that you have to fold it a certain way for it to fit back in the case.  Different patterns available at the Safety Superstore ($44.95).  Makes for the PERFECT shower/new baby gift.

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  12. What to do this weekend…July 17th & 18th

    First of all, I have to mention the Attractions Ontario website which has a great selection of coupons for almost every attraction in Ontario (even African Lion Safari!).  Check it out before you head for your weekend excursions.


    On Saturday, July 17th, Parks Canada invites Canadians from all walks of life to come out and explore the best that Canada has to offer. Parks Canada opens its gates and welcome you into all national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for free!  A list of 125 Ontario Parks experiences can be found here

    Salsa On St. Claire – participate in a showcase of Latin life and flavour.

    Art In the Park, an annual art show, is taking place at the Markham Museum which offers 25 acres of parkland including an orchard and heritage gardens.  See mills, re-created businesses and family homes. Enjoy a personal tour and then stroll the village. Bring a picnic or pick up food at one of the many local establishments.

    Kidsfest on Centre Island – this may be a reason to go…or to stay away because of the crowds.  Your call.

    There is also a bizarre public napping event (yes, as in take a NAP) on Queen St. but I don’t think us parents can pull it off.  We would just ruin it for everyone else.

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  13. Babies R Us: $5 off coupon

    Click on the coupon to print your copy!

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  14. Free Lip Care from Body Body Works

    …love this coupon!  The mentha lip care from Bath & Body Works is amazing.  Your hair won’t stick to your lips, promise.  Click to print your own copy.  Valid ONLY on Saturday, July 17th.

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  15. 48 Hour Sale @ Moo – another Mamapicks favourite!

    There are a handful of products out there that make my heart swell (portable toilets included).  Moo is a printing company that lets you create all kinds of neat things with your photos – greeting cards, stickers, and MINI CARDS which are just so awesome in my opinion.  They are sturdy little rectangular cards and you can print anything on them.  A while back, I printed photos of the kids and put them in Moo’s sleek key-chains (they hold 15 mini-cards) and gave them to the grandparents as a gift.  It was a hit!  I just can’t say enough about mini-cards, you have to see for yourself.  Moo is having a 48 hour sale and all their printing products are 30% off.

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  16. American Eagle Outfitters Coupon

    Click to print your copy.  Coupon valid until July 14th.

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  17. Diary Queen Blizzard BOGO

    Sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club and receive a coupon for a 2-for-1 Blizzard.  They will also send you a coupon on your birthday.

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  18. The Living Arts Centre presents…

    Performed by an all kids cast, the production follows the exciting voyage of Robinson Crusoe to the West Indies to find hidden treasure.  Tickets are $20-26 per adult and $15 per child.  Buy your tickets here and scroll down the page for more info.

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  19. Another Gap coupon!

    Click to print your copy!

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  20. What to do this weekend…July 10th & 11th

    Book reservations at a restaurant for Summerlicious, July 9th- 25th.

    If your kids (and husband) are into cars, go see the exotic car show in Yorkville on July 10th, 11:30-5pm.  Over 60 Porsches and Ferraris will be showcased.  Yorkville, Bellair and Cumberland Ave. will be closed for traffic.  Ladies, while your husband and kids swoon over cars, you can go to Anthropologie.

    If your family wants to try fishing for the first time, this weekend you can do so without a license in Ontario.  Read more info on this website.

    If your kids like trains, enjoy the open house at the Richmond Hill Live Steamers…this is a non-profit live-steam club whose members are dedicated to building and operating scale model steam, electric and diesel locomotives.  Yes, people do this for fun.

    The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is on (probably more enjoyable with no kids).  Don’t grandma/grandpa want some quality time with yours?  Open Friday-Sunday.

    Last but not least, Barney is at Ontario Place this weekend.

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  21. Bowling this Summer!

    Kids Bowl Free is a program offered this summer in Canada and the USA.  A family pass costs $24.95 and allows a family 2 hours of free bowling every day for the entire summer.  Look up a bowling alley near you. Great for rainy days…or a heat wave!

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  22. Mamapicks’ Favourite Product…

    A warm afternoon.  Husband comes home early so we can take the kids to the park.  Picnic blanket, dinner, and fruit all ready for a family picnic on the grass.  Kids play.  We smile.  We plop ourselves down on the blanket and begin to eat.  Bliss.   The Boy announces “I need to make a poop”.  No toilet in sight.  Husband grabs two kids and runs for the car.  I frantically collect our things.  We get home in the nick of time.  I search the internet for future preventative measures.

    The very next day, I purchased this great On The Go Potty by Kalencom.  It’s compact and has short plastic legs that fold in to make it flat.  It comes with 3 disposable potty bags, each with a super absorbent liner.  With its own  carry bag, this potty is going everywhere with us this summer.  Available at The Safety Superstore.

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  23. Free Cup of Coffee from Starbucks

    All you have to do is register and pledge allegiance to help the environment in some way.

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  24. 40% off Gap & Banana Republic Factory Outlets

    Click to print your own copy.

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  25. 30% off at Old Navy

    In stores until July 6th.

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