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What to do this weekend…July 31st- August 2nd

Bowmanville Zoo. We recently checked this place out and I am really fond of this zoo.  You see, I don’t really like the Toronto Zoo because it is so big, the distances between one animal exhibit to the next is huge if you are with small children, and it is really hard to see the animals.  Bowmanville Zoo is smaller, perfect for seeing animals up close.  They are in your face, can’t miss them!  All of the important ones are there – elephants, tigers, zebras, lions, etc.  Sorry, no aquatic animals.  There are camel  and elephant rides (!) and there is a splash pad (bring your splash pad gear!!!).  You can feed the animals and my kids particularly enjoyed chasing peacocks and holding a wee baby goat.  Get free children’s passes here ($13 saving).  This zoo is perfect for young kids and I think it was worth the drive to Bowmanville.

If your kids are into Pirates, your family might enjoy The Pirate Festival at the Country Heritage Park in Milton.

Go see Snoopy Rocks on Ice in the Wonderland Theatre.  If you want to purchase day passes for less, enter corporate code ROGERS10 and buy the tickets online.

Interactive Family Day Sundays at the High Park Theatre invite parents and children of all ages to explore the magic of theatre together. Go on a backstage tour and take part in games and activities that explore aspects of acting, rhythm, dance, music.Family Day Sundays provide a fun-filled learning experience for the entire family and are free.


…and by the way, thanks to all zero of you who wrote in about your favourite lakes in Ontario.

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