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  1. Children’s Place Coupon

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  2. Old Navy 30% Coupon Extended

    Extended until the 31st!  Click to print.

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  3. I like this…


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  4. Morning & Bedtime Checklists



    I hate this time of year.  Perhaps if the start of the school year did not coincide with the end of the summer season, it would be more tolerable.  For those of you who are past denial and getting ready,  Children Inspire Design has two super useful checklists to help you ease (or crash?) back into routine.

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  5. Back to school…

    Creative Mama has created some great and relevant free printables for you too!

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  6. Old Navy 20% Coupon

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  7. Retro Ironing Board – 9.99!


    Indigo is offering this great wooden ironing board for $9.99.  Comes with iron and hangers.  With the availability of dry-cleaning, cleaning ladies, nannies and work environments that don’t require dressy clothes…some  little kids won’t even know what to do with this toy.

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  8. 20% off @ H & M Kids

    Coupons for H&M are a rarity.  Perhaps because their prices are always quite reasonable.  Receive 20% off your entire kid purchase until Aug. 14th with this coupon!  Click on the black circle on the top left.

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  9. 25% off Gap Kids & Baby Gap

    Visa Perks.  Use your Visa and save 25%  at the Gap with this coupon!  Offer valid now until October 31st.

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