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  1. Mabel’s Labels 29% off Promo

    What could make this mucky day a little brighter?  Labels!  Mabel’s Labels is having a Leap Year Sale today.  29% off sticky labels, clothing labels, bag tags, The Basic Kit Combo and the Big Kaboodle Combo.  Use the code LEAP4U at checkout. I feel better already.



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  2. Cineplex Family Favourites!

    Cineplex Canada is offering family movies every Saturday morning (11am) until the end of April.  Tickets are only $2.50!  Some classics are ET, Stuart Little and an American Tale.  See the movie schedule here.  Check for participating theatres.

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  3. Hey Mama…

    Want more?  Of course you do.  This is pretty funny.  Check it out.

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  4. Mabel’s Labels Camp Combo

    The limited edition Camp Combo is on sale during the month of February for $37.95

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  5. Toddler Adventure Group – Big Like!

    Any of you who have a toddler at home know how difficult it is to keep them busy.   My  2 yr. old Liam and I were feeling a little lonely and uninspired at home.   I knew he needed more structure and exposure to new activities and children and I was looking to add more programs to his schedule.

    As if she read my mind, Sharyn, of Toddler Adventure Group (TAG), sent me an email and invited us to experience one of her playgroups .    Sharyn is a toddler expert who runs structured playgroups for 18-36 month olds in the Thornhill Woods area.   A playgroup is 90 minutes long and includes skill development through play, songs, crafts, and much more.

    As soon as Liam and I sat on a carpet covered in colourful little pompoms, I knew that this wasn’t just another playgroup.  Every minute at TAG is planned to help toddlers grow and hone skills that most of us take for granted.   Sharyn brings warmth, energy and new materials every week to engage and stimulate the little ones and she reminds us to do things at toddler speed, toddler height, toddler fun.  While Liam was enjoying every minute of his participation, I too was learning.  Being in the company of other adults while focusing on my child felt great.  Learning to teach my toddler important skills through play was inspiring and being reminded that toddlerhood is a magical time was simple here.

    To learn more about Toddler Adventure Group visit the website or follow their Facebook Page.  If you are looking for a backyard camp, TAG’s Summer Sparks may be the perfect camp for your toddler.

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  6. Tim Hortons $1 Lattes

    The $1 promo is valid at participating stores until February 19th!  Who has time to take quizzes???  The perfect Latte is perfect because you can drink it while the kids are strapped into their car seats.  Flavour probably doesn’t matter 🙂

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