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  1. ShoeZooz!

    How cute is this idea?  And so useful for little ones who are eager to put on their own shoes!  Check out Peachy Buy’s incredible deal today.  Only $12 for 9 pairs of stickers.

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  2. My First App!


    I am always on the lookout for great apps for kids.  The Toddler spends a lot of time confiscating my phone or iPad for his own use.  Sometimes, I even give him my phone voluntarily to keep him occupied (can you believe it???).  Then I experience iGuilt when I catch him playing Zombies or watching Dora in Russian on You Tube.

    Let me declare that I think I have found the best apps for kids.  Highly educational and fun.  My First App are classified according to age (starting at 18 months) and each helps your child develop an important skill.  The user interface is great and the graphics are bright and crisp.  My toddler is busy building and matching and my 6 yr. old is using a matrix!  They love it and I feel so good about them using these apps.

    Check out the website for more info.

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  3. 10% off @ You Name It Baby

    This sale is on until Friday, March30th.  Check out the website for incredible personalized gifts.  The lunch bags have always been my personal favourite.


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  4. A Mamapicks Favourite: JIAE Boutique

    My all-time best go-to for gifts for little girls is JIAE Boutique (pronounced Jiya), where everything is personalized with bling.  Little girls are always thrilled to see their name on something…and the more sparkle, the better.  I love the hairbands, tutu skirts, tanks and other accessories.  I also love making my order online/by phone and picking up my gift in Thornhill.  So easy!  Check out the website for gift options for the whole family (boys too…).

    PeachyBuy is now offering a special  coupon for JIAE  goodies.  You have until the end of the day to take advantage of that.  Mamapicks is also excited to have one personalized hairband with gorgeous flower to  GIVE AWAY!  All you have to do is go to JIAE’s Facebook page and click Like…and drop me a note with the name you would like on your hairband.  The 5th person to write in will be the lucky winner!

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  5. Not Just Any Rubber Giraffe…

    The Wallstreet Journal published an interesting article about our favourite giraffe…  You can continue to be consumed by your children and read The Wallstreet Journal all at the same time.  You will feel more worldly for sure!

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  6. Mabel’s Labels 29% off Promo

    What could make this mucky day a little brighter?  Labels!  Mabel’s Labels is having a Leap Year Sale today.  29% off sticky labels, clothing labels, bag tags, The Basic Kit Combo and the Big Kaboodle Combo.  Use the code LEAP4U at checkout. I feel better already.



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  7. Framing Their Art


    My daughter creates 100 pieces of art a day.  Sometimes she finds some of them in the recycling bin and I pretend they fell in there by accident.  Sort of like the Captain of the Costa Concordia.  It’s hard to find a way to keep, organize and display our kids’ artwork.  I was really excited to find simple white frames with a back slot to slip-in artwork easily.  That means that you can change the display often without too much fuss!  Only $7 each at Loblaws Superstore!  A great find.

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  8. Moo!

    Need some creative gifts?  I love MOO.  I love printing photos on mini-cards and this mosaic frame makes for an amazing gift.  Moo has lots of other great products and printing material.  All accessories are now 25% off!

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  9. I like this…


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  10. Bugaboo + Missoni

    This makes me want to have a fourth child…

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  11. Personalized Prints on Sale!

    These are my favourite prints of all time for nurseries and kids’ rooms.  I love the style, colours, the personalized touch and the fact that they fit in an IKEA frame.  Did I mention that they are designed right here, in TO?  Until July 1st, buy one and get one free!  Check out PennyPeople on Etsy for more info.

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  12. fathersday

    Yikes!  Father’s Day is on Sunday.  If you are still looking for something special and inexpensive to make with your kids, here are some ideas:

    Simple: Have the kids wash Dad’s car.



    Common:  Good old Martha Stewart has some great printable coupons on her site that can be given to dad.



    Creative: This printable file is available on Etsy for only $10 – all you have to do is print it out on nice paper, put your kids’  hand-prints on it, and frame!  Looks amazing.




    Original:  Make your own letters or buy them and return them (NO WAY!) at any art store or Pottery Barn Kids.  Dollar store might have them too!  Read more about it here.






    True: As I tell you every year, the best gift of all is to give Dad a break.  Everyone says that Father’s Day is for family time but I have a feeling that if you were to incorporate some alone time for your husband, he would be super happy.    Yes, dads need a break too.  Nice ones, that is.


    If  you did something fabulous for Father’s Day, send me a photo or link!  I would love to publish some of your ideas.

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  13. Teacher Gifts

    Last call from HoneyBunch, a local and wonderful online shop, to get a set of two 40-page notepads for $23 with guaranteed delivery for the end of the school year!

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  14. 10% off my favourite prints!

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  15. Fresh Art for Spring!

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  16. Pillow Pets!

    Pillow Pets are stuffed pets that turn into pillows.  They are adorable.  My kids got these last year and have grown so attached to them.  They are super soft, fun and portable.  Solo Para Ti is offering Mamapicks readers a special promotion!  Great for birthdays and for Easter/Passover gifts if you still need.  $23 + HST for one or $40 + HST for two until April 21st.  You can e-mail Allison here to make an order, just mention you read about it here.

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  17. Does your car smell?

    Of course it does.  Unless you don’t allow your kids to eat in the car.  Nothing annoys me more than when my husband compares the state of his car to mine.  My car is a portable kitchen that caters to three small children, one of whom only has five teeth.  His is fresh and clean and has no car seats so I am not impressed.

    I recently stuck my head into my friend’s car and it smelled so good.  She introduced me to Scentportable from Bath & Body Works.  It has a clip and can be placed anywhere.  What a find!  Thanks Michelle.  And for the next 3 days, you can use this $10 coupon at Bath & Body Works.

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  18. Sunglasses for Babes

    We are overseas right now, where the sun shines just enough to warm the heart.  On our walk today, we saw a store owner with his baby who was wearing sunglasses…attached to her pacifier.  I thought it was so cute and quite brilliant.  the baby was completely content and the sunglasses stayed in place.  The founding company is French, called Lytot.  There are a few retail locations in Canada…and one in Haliburton, Ontario.

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  19. 50% off Stonzwear

    If you ask me what the best product is that I have purchased since The Baby was born, it would definitely be his Stonzwear boots.  I didn’t purchase them for my other kids because of the price ($46 + tax).  With child #3 and 2 lost pairs of cheaper options, I bit the bullet.  Stonzwear has a great sale on now and the boots are only $23.50.  Well worth the price.  They are genius.  Easy to put on, warm, and the kid can’t pull them off.  They look like two little bags that wrap around the foot.  I like that I can tuck his pants in so that the cold doesn’t get in.  I also like that they are not bulky and heavy.  He is not even a year old and the size 2 fits big but well so we will get an extra year out of them.   A HIGHLY recommended product.  Free shipping on a $50+ spend.  I am sure their gloves are great too…Winter ain’t leaving any time soon!

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  20. $79 for a $200 Dollhouse!

    Pathdeals has this beautiful wooden dollhouse as a daily deal for the next 30 hrs.  Check it out, looks really nice and the price is great.  Wood is always good and it’s a great thing to be able to close it up and hide the mess.   The furniture sets are so cute (sold separately).  I want to play!!!

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  21. Great alphabet poster and more…

    If you are decorating a nursery, an alphabet poster is always a lovely thing to hang on the wall.  This one, from Children Inspired Design is gorgeous.  There are lots of other beautiful items from this online shop.  I like the PEACE birds too…a way to decorate and support families in Mexico (read about it here).  Oh, and the “prints” section…I just can’t make up my mind! If you are interested in purchasing something, you can get a sweet deal through Mamapedia for the next three days.  It’s not a Canadian deal site, but for an online purchase it doesn’t make a difference (right??).

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  22. What’s a Petti Romper?

    If you have a brand new bundle of pink, this Petti Romper is so cute, it hurts.   The romper comes in 21 colours and costs $24.95 @ Chic Baby Rose.  I have a baby Chloe in mind…

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  23. IKEA high-chair

    Yes,  I too went for the deluxe Prima Papa with the first child.  It reclined and had cushions.  Cushions meant creases and the deluxe chair quickly turned into a state-of-the-art petri dish.  I am convinced that SARS may have actually originated in my Prima Papa that year.  Fast forward to Baby #3 and our awesome IKEA chair.  The Baby doesn’t seem uncomfortable and it’s so easy to clean!  It’s compact, comes with a tray and has that modern white look … LOVE IT!  Only $19.99 @ Ikea.

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  24. Exclusive Offer from Solo Para Ti

    Solo Para Ti is a wonderful home store in Richmond Hill.  Allison, the owner, offers a variety of wonderful products and personalized service.  You can -e-mail her your budget and gifting needs and she will help you put it all together.  If you have been to a mall recently, you know that it is not so fun to shop around – bad weather, slow service, no time!  Ugh.  Mamapicks readers receive 15% off all orders picked up from the store in Richmond Hill.  Check out the website for great gift ideas.

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  25. As the year draws to a close…

    Don’t know about you, but my life is on Facebook.  I change my statuses quite frequently…and a compilation of them reads like a journal, reminding me of what my year was all about.  The app “My Year in Status” allows you to create a collage of your statuses.  You can choose from eight different designs. It makes for a nice keepsake.  My year was all about my kids and lack of sleep, as well as a disdain for cold weather and Home Depot.  What was your year all about?

    Disclaimer:  The app was created by a husband & wife team (Mamapicks & Papapicks!)

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