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  1. Photo Notepads!

    Cool gift alert…especially for grandparents.  Send your favourite photo and have it printed in the background of a 100-page notepad with (or without) a personalized message.  Get 15% off your order with promo code: momfinds

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  2. Free Nursing Covers

    Uddercovers is having another amazing promotion!  When you order one of their amazing nursing covers, you only pay for shipping.  Some people think that this is a scam…but it’s not.  I have ordered a few for gifts and use one myself.  The black one with white threading is great because it doesn’t stand out too much.  The size of the cover is generous and you can view your baby from the top easily.  Use promo code THANKSGIVING.  While supplies last.  The model above looks like she is holding her fallen boob…stupid photos but great deal.

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  3. Restoration Hardware Tent

    I was looking through the Restoration Hardware catalogue and came about this amazing tent – it comes in pink and blue and makes for a perfect little hideout.  Personalization is only $6!  The tent is $150 but for the next four days, you can get 20% off!  See below.

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  4. Incredible Baking Kits Giveaway!

    Whenever I want to spend real quality time with my children, we bake together.  There are so many teachable moments in baking and such great conversation, followed by lovely anticipation for that sweet treat at the end.  Baking is especially fun and relaxing when you  are well-organized and have everything prepared…sort of like Martha Stewart.  The reality is that we are often not prepared enough to have a stress free creative activity with our kids.  That is why Mamapicks is really excited about Crafty Cooking Kits that are new to the Canadian market.  They include EVERYTHING you need to bake with your kids.  All you add is eggs,water and oil.

    Last week,  Saturday morning was chilly and wake-up time was the usual inhumane 6am.  By 10am, we were going a little nuts with The Boy (4.5) and The Girl (3).  We needed something great to do with the kids and decided to try out the Paint Your Own Animals Cookie Kit.  The kit included everything from the cookie mix to the icing mix and brushes for the kids to paint with.  Instructions were simple and the baking experience was so contained and stress-free.  My kids measured, talked, painted, cooperated, tasted…  We all had so much fun and then enjoyed the cookie creations together.  It made me think that the baking kits are also great for playdates and get-togethers where you need an activity to keep the kids busy.  A real must-have for your pantry.  The deluxe kits have up to 12 pieces, perfect for a birthday party.  Nut-free and kosher kits are available too.

    Me, Myself and Us is the Canadian distributor of the kits.  You can check out the product line on their website.  They are giving away two Crafty Baking Kits to three lucky Mamapicks readers! To win, become a fan on their Facebook page.  Here, you will find information about retail stores that carry the kits.  Write to Mamapicks to let me know which location is closest to where you live.  The first three people to write in will receive a package containing two amazing Crafty Baking Kits! (Please note packages must be picked up).  Good Luck!

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  5. Personalized Growth Charts

    Love the idea of personalized growth charts that are not made of wood…  This company, called Name Your Design has great wall art, stationery and other great stuff, all beautifully designed.

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  6. Apps for Toddlers and Babies

    Today’s Parent has published a selection of great apps for babies and toddlers.  These apps…what did we ever do without them?  They help moms everywhere make it through a trip to the supermarket, preempt a hairy tantrum, and they teach kids all kinds of things in such fun ways.  Check out this selection for apps that are appropriate for tots and babies.  Some seem worthy…while others appear to require a pod in your baby’s crib.  it’s pretty easy to tell which ones were invented by parents.

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  7. Free Printables!

    Mamapicks is always on the lookout for free printables…especially labels.  I found this adorable selection of gift labels, cards, calendars and more – shared by Creativemama.  Download, and print on your own labels or paper with a colour printer.  This is the kind of stuff you might order from stationary sites…but it’s free!

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  8. Caring for your skin…and your baby’s

    Life is so busy that sometimes it’s hard to find time for taking care of ourselves – for me, the 2 minutes it takes to remove my mascara sometimes proves too much when all I want to do is go to bed already.  But lately, I’ve been looking in the mirror and really…it’s time to work a little harder, feed the skin, make sure that those fine lines are not entirely my fault.

    When my friend gave me a series of Arbonne products to try, I was so happy.  This came just in time as I was making a personal resolution to take better care of myself and to make it a priority to indulge in something other than Nuttella.  I tried the skin care line as well as the line of skin care for babies/kids and loved it.

    The skin products are very luxurious and I especially enjoyed the eye cream.  My skin felt more supple and hydrated within a very short time.  I read a bit about the formulas and was happy to find that Arbonne stays away from harmful ingredients such as PABAs and the company is committed to designing products that are botanically based and not tested on animals.

    The baby products went a long way in my house – especially since I am trying to expose my children’s skin to products that are safer.  The Boy (4), has very sensitive skin and always reacts to sunscreen.  Arbonne’s delicate sunscreen won me over when I tried it on him and saw no reaction.  I also tried the baby oil on The Baby…and it is by far, the silkiest baby oil I have ever used.  I ordered the whole baby line!

    If you would like to try the products, there is a great way to do so with your family and friends.  You can host a beauty workshop for 5 people and receive $120 worth of products.  As well, for the next month, Mamapicks readers receive 35% off the Arbonne baby line!  You can contact Lital at 416-999-3255 or send her an e-mail.  If you live downtown, you can contact Sharon.  Just say Mamapicks and enjoy!

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  9. Foogo Products On Sale

    I love Foogo.  These Thermos insulated products are made to keep contents hot or cold for hours.  Stainless steel, they are BPA-free, light weight, durable and dishwasher safe.  There is a cup for every stage.  The food jars are great for school or outings.  The straw cups have great lids.  These normally cost between $16-$20.  Until Thursday, you can find them at Toys R Us for $9.99.  A set also makes a great gift for a toddler who has enough toys!

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  10. Bugaboo iPhone Holder

    Coming up on my list of “greatest things since sliced bread” is the Bugaboo iPhone Holder.  The iPhone is not just a phone – it is your GPS system, MP3 Player and so much more.  It’s a lovely thing to have on your stroller dashboard.  Can’t wait to get mine.  Found it here for $35 but am planning to get it for less…perhaps on e-bay?  Will keep you posted.

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  11. Our new favourite…

    A few friends recommended the Brain Quest series to me – a deck of colourful quiz questions that are age-appropriate and test kids on what they need to know.  The questions cover reading, math, language arts, social studies and science.  Last year, when The Boy was 3, he had absolutely no interest in sitting and answering questions.  Yesterday, I took some time out to be with him alone and he was so into this activity – he wanted to answer more and more questions and we had nearly 2 hours (!) of focused quality time.  I also learned that my kid has no idea what a fireman, construction worker or police man does.  Who would have thought?  At Mastermind, the Brainquest pack is $14.95 ea.  I bought mine at Costco this week for $7.95 and there were tons left.

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  12. Simply Colors special promotion!

    This is a great Canadian company…and we all know that kids love personalized clothing.  My son has just grown out of his favourite Polo shirt that was personalized with his name by a freind, so this promo is here just in time!

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  13. Edible Arrangements Coupon

    So…you want to send flowers or chocolates to a good doctor, a colleague who is leaving, a new mama, or a friend who spent 6 hours helping you to re-organize your kitchen.  Be original, send an edible arrangement 🙂  Save $4 with this coupon code which you can use online or over the phone when placing your order INET0831.  Good Through Aug. 31.

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  14. 15% off at You Name it Baby!

    You Name It Baby is celebrating their 5th birthday and giving 15% off all orders from August 8th -13th!  At You Name it Baby, a local Toronto shop, you will find amazing personalized gifts for great prices.  Use promo code 5BDAY at checkout.  This is one of Mamapicks’ favourite online shops.  Their service is great!

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  15. Over the Rainbow

    I love this wooden rainbow stacking toy.  It keeps little ones busy…and older ones too.  And of course, it looks fantastic on the shelf.  $22 from an Etsy shop called Imagination Kids.

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  16. Incredible picnic blanket…

    One of the best gifts I ever received  with my first baby (The Boy), is still in use today and is so great for summer excursions.  It is the Tuffo Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket with case.  It is gorgeous, functional and comfortable.  Perfect size.  It even comes with us on the plane…to pad the airplane floor the kids sleep on.  For trips to the park and to the lake, we love our picnic blanket.  The only drawback is that you have to fold it a certain way for it to fit back in the case.  Different patterns available at the Safety Superstore ($44.95).  Makes for the PERFECT shower/new baby gift.

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  17. 48 Hour Sale @ Moo – another Mamapicks favourite!

    There are a handful of products out there that make my heart swell (portable toilets included).  Moo is a printing company that lets you create all kinds of neat things with your photos – greeting cards, stickers, and MINI CARDS which are just so awesome in my opinion.  They are sturdy little rectangular cards and you can print anything on them.  A while back, I printed photos of the kids and put them in Moo’s sleek key-chains (they hold 15 mini-cards) and gave them to the grandparents as a gift.  It was a hit!  I just can’t say enough about mini-cards, you have to see for yourself.  Moo is having a 48 hour sale and all their printing products are 30% off.

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  18. Mamapicks’ Favourite Product…

    A warm afternoon.  Husband comes home early so we can take the kids to the park.  Picnic blanket, dinner, and fruit all ready for a family picnic on the grass.  Kids play.  We smile.  We plop ourselves down on the blanket and begin to eat.  Bliss.   The Boy announces “I need to make a poop”.  No toilet in sight.  Husband grabs two kids and runs for the car.  I frantically collect our things.  We get home in the nick of time.  I search the internet for future preventative measures.

    The very next day, I purchased this great On The Go Potty by Kalencom.  It’s compact and has short plastic legs that fold in to make it flat.  It comes with 3 disposable potty bags, each with a super absorbent liner.  With its own  carry bag, this potty is going everywhere with us this summer.  Available at The Safety Superstore.

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  19. Get those toys off the floor…

    Kids will love stacking and displaying their trains on this fantastic display shelf from Gifts By David. It can also be used for displaying rock collections, favorite toys and keepsakes.  Fits Thomas the Tank Engine (wooden and diecast), Geotrax and other similar size trains. Square compartments are each 3″ wide x 3″ high x 3″ deep.  Handcrafted and available in a few different colours.  Display shelves for cars were also available but sold out and inventory is currently being replenished.

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  20. Mabel’s Labels Coupon

    Mamapicks loves Mabel’s Labels!  You can label everything from shoes to clothes with your child’s name.  Very important if your child is going to camp soon.  Enjoy 15% off your order with coupon code KIDS.

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  21. Child Teepee

    The Boy is obsessed with Dora.  My husband just constructed a tacky yellow plastic Dora house in the back yard.  The boy climbs the roof of his Dora house and tells us that he is G-d.  I am so pleased that he is having fun with Dora and that his ego is bursting…but would much rather see a classic teepee out there.  They can’t climb on top of teepees.  This one is from Etsy and costs $130.

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  22. Father’s Day Gift Idea

    This is a personalized hand-stamped golf marker set which could be perfect for the dad in your family.  It’s my daily Etsy find.  However, I have to admit that I don’t know what the hell a golf marker is.

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  23. Lickety Sips!

    While I was at Walmart buying 20 boxes of diapers last week, I came across these popsicle molds in the “patio dish” aisle.  There are a few great things about these…the lids close properly, it’s a great way to get vitamins into your kids by using real fruit juice, AND near the end when popsicles get all melty, your kid can simply use the straw to slurp the mess away.  Only $2.47 for a set of 4.  If you have any great home-made popsicle recipes, do tell and I will share them here.

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  24. Portable Baby Bed

    Ever go over to a friend’s house, have your baby fall asleep on you, and have no where to put it down?  Finally, someone thought of a portable bed.  It’s comfy, well-sized and secure.  You can place it on your bed for safe co-sleeping, take it with you when traveling (it folds up) or visiting friends.  Available throughout the US and online stores.

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  25. For the geek at heart…

    Another Etsy find for your favourite geek.  $29.95 with free shipping worldwide.

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