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  1. fathersday

    Yikes!  Father’s Day is on Sunday.  If you are still looking for something special and inexpensive to make with your kids, here are some ideas:

    Simple: Have the kids wash Dad’s car.



    Common:  Good old Martha Stewart has some great printable coupons on her site that can be given to dad.



    Creative: This printable file is available on Etsy for only $10 – all you have to do is print it out on nice paper, put your kids’  hand-prints on it, and frame!  Looks amazing.




    Original:  Make your own letters or buy them and return them (NO WAY!) at any art store or Pottery Barn Kids.  Dollar store might have them too!  Read more about it here.






    True: As I tell you every year, the best gift of all is to give Dad a break.  Everyone says that Father’s Day is for family time but I have a feeling that if you were to incorporate some alone time for your husband, he would be super happy.    Yes, dads need a break too.  Nice ones, that is.


    If  you did something fabulous for Father’s Day, send me a photo or link!  I would love to publish some of your ideas.

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  2. How to make a snowflake…

    In my recent internet travels, I came upon this beautiful blog called How About Orange and it instantly brightened my day.  This great post gives you instructions for creating a snowflake garland with five-point-star snowflakes.  Something fun to do with the kids on a cold afternoon.  You will love this blog, check it out!

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  3. What to do with all those leaves!

    The last of the beautiful foliage is around us and while the weather is still mild, it’s great to go outside, collect leaves and do something crafty with the kids.  Here are some ideas:

    1.  Create a nature notebook – kids can glue their favourite leaves on the pages of the notebooks.  You can make it into a scavenger hunt and give them a sheet with instructions (i.e.  for the first page of your notebook, find a yellow leaf.  For the second page, find a Maple leaf…etc.)

    2. Leaf Collage – glue leaves on large piece of paper in a nice arrangement.

    3.  Make a Fall bouquet for the dinner table.

    4.  Have kids draw a large tree trunk with branches and glue the leaves on the tree.

    5.  Make leaf people – glue the leaves on a piece of paper and have kids add yarn for hair and fabric scraps for clothes.  Googly eyes and pipe cleaners are available at the dollar store and are great for this project.

    6.  Foliage Friends – this is also a neat craft which really expands the imagination.  Check out the instructions on the website.

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  4. Cootie Catcher for a rainy day…

    Draw! Pilgrim is a great blog that I like to frequent!  Making and playing with this Cootie Catcher will keep them busy in these final days of summer…  Print the template here.  See instructions there.  Thank you to Draw! Pilgrim for sharing this downloadable treat!

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