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  1. West Elm: Table & Chairs

    I have long admired this table and chairs from West Elm and now the price is right!  The table is $125 (was $205) and each chair is $32 (down from $62).  You will probably have to call the store to order because some items don’t ship to Canada.

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  2. Personalized Prints on Sale!

    These are my favourite prints of all time for nurseries and kids’ rooms.  I love the style, colours, the personalized touch and the fact that they fit in an IKEA frame.  Did I mention that they are designed right here, in TO?  Until July 1st, buy one and get one free!  Check out PennyPeople on Etsy for more info.

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  3. Grandma Gift Alert

    If your mom has a lot of grandkids, or if you have loads of kids,  this is a lovely thing!  Perfect for a family cottage too. Check out this Etsy Shop.

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  4. 20% off at Restoration Hardware

    20% off all merchandise including catalog/online orders.  Some people don’t know that Restoration Hardware has a gorgeous line of furniture for babies and kids!  Valid Nov. 11-15th, use code FFE1001.

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  5. Over the Rainbow

    I love this wooden rainbow stacking toy.  It keeps little ones busy…and older ones too.  And of course, it looks fantastic on the shelf.  $22 from an Etsy shop called Imagination Kids.

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  6. 1/2 price @ Toys R Us

    The foam puzzle is a great way to cover the floor when you have little ones.  Not only does it protect your hardwood or carpet…but also protects your kids from hard surfaces.  $17.47 through July 29th!  The cash register is a favourite toy around our house and is also on sale for 9.97 (reg. 19.99).

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  7. Get those toys off the floor…

    Kids will love stacking and displaying their trains on this fantastic display shelf from Gifts By David. It can also be used for displaying rock collections, favorite toys and keepsakes.  Fits Thomas the Tank Engine (wooden and diecast), Geotrax and other similar size trains. Square compartments are each 3″ wide x 3″ high x 3″ deep.  Handcrafted and available in a few different colours.  Display shelves for cars were also available but sold out and inventory is currently being replenished.

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  8. Child Teepee

    The Boy is obsessed with Dora.  My husband just constructed a tacky yellow plastic Dora house in the back yard.  The boy climbs the roof of his Dora house and tells us that he is G-d.  I am so pleased that he is having fun with Dora and that his ego is bursting…but would much rather see a classic teepee out there.  They can’t climb on top of teepees.  This one is from Etsy and costs $130.

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  9. 20% off silhouette prints

    Get 20% off  beautiful silhouette prints from Honeybunch when you enter code may20 at checkout.  This is a great local online boutique & store with lots of unique items.  Promotion valid until May 29th.

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  10. IKEA Hacks

    Mamapicks is doing some renovations because a new baby simply isn’t enough.  I ran into this great renovation blog and great bookcase.  If you are on a budget, you can create this look just as they did…using three Billy bookcases from IKEA ($115.99) and adding crown molding and trim.  Probably not as easy as it sounds, but definitely leaves wood for thought.

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  11. Canvas Clocks

    Love the Canvas Clock Series offered by StyleKid.  Beautiful art work that is functional…it’s a real clock!  The colours are great and there are  beautiful motifs for both girls and boys.  Let me take the edge off the price with a 15% off coupon code.  Use spring15 upon checkout until midnight of March 25th.

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  12. Like the Monte Luca Glider but for Less!

    Isn’t it gorgeous?  I searched high and low for an upholstered nursing chair with a descent price tag….and potential for use later on in the kid’s room or family room.  The Monte Luca glider normally retails for $995.  The one I found (The Emily Glider), is nearly identical to this one, made by a Canadian company and available in great colours.  On sale now at the Kids and Baby Furniture Warehouse for $659 AND, you get another 10% off by printing the coupon from their website bringing the price to $592 + tax.  You will notice that the validity of the coupon has not been updated on the website but it will still be honoured by Barbara at the store – she is so sweet and helpful!

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  13. DIY: CD Case Project

    Loved this idea of using plastic CD cases to display a favourite photo.  Check out the Country Living website for more details on how to do this yourself.

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  14. Alphabet Prints – 2 for 1 promotion!

    These gorgeous alphabet prints by Penny People Designs are the type of find that I want to share and keep to myself all at the same time.  My son has one in his room and I can’t help but admire it every time I see it.  I love the concept, the colours and of course…I am 100% into anything personalized (in case you haven’t noticed). The prints come in two sizes and fit into an IKEA  Ribba frame which makes framing so simple.

    Lindsay, the talented Toronto-based designer of the prints, just sent me information about an amazing promotion.  For every 13×19 print that you buy, you will get one free.  That’s a $25 saving!  Shipping is $13, but will include as many prints as you like.  To take advantage of this promotion, go to the online store and only place in your cart, the amount of prints you would like to buy.  Upon checkout, enter the promotion “Buy1 Get 1 free” in the notes to seller, as well as information about how you would like to personalize your free print(s).  This promotion runs until Feb. 3rd, 2010.  Please note that everything on Etsy is in US funds.

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  15. Displaying Your Kids’ Artwork


    I recently posted some ideas about organizing and displaying your kids’ artwork…and just found another idea I want to share.  I think this one is great although it requires a bit more work and possible use of Photoshop.  However, if you do have a photo-printing option at home, you can choose to print out a contact sheet and frame that!  Find more information on the blog of Jen Grant Morris.

    This just in…Karen says that she uses Shutterfly Studio to organize and make special projects (i.e. creating collages) with her photos.  Easy to use and it’s free.  I love when readers write in their suggestions!  Thanks.

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  16. Measure Me Wall Sticker!

    Love this wall sticker from another great Etsy shop!  It comes in three different colour combinations.  I find that it’s always more challenging to find decor for a boy’s room and this is really cute.

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  17. Storing and Displaying Your Child’s Artwork


    To keep or not to keep?  That is the question.  I am sure that many of you have had the Recycling Box Moment…when your child finds his/her cherished pieces of work in the Blue Bin and you pretend that you have no idea how those papers got in there.  If you are like me, you keep way too many masterpieces.  Here are a few ideas for storing and displaying your child’s work:

    • Take digital photos and keep them in a folder on your computer.  No piles of paper, but you still have a nice record of your child’s work.
    • Keep 8×10 papers in a binder.  Your child will love browsing through their work.
    • Use a large magnetic board (like this one from IKEA).   Magnetic clothes pins can be useful too.
    • Display on a large cork board or group a few smaller ones on a designated art wall.  You can paint the board or cover it with wrapping paper to give it some umph.
    • Create a photo-book of your child’s work.  You can make one at the end of every school year to keep neatly in your child’s library.
    • Last but not least, as in the above photo from Ohdeedoh, you can use Ikea’s curtain wires ($9.99 with clips!) to create this amazing display which I just adore.

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  18. Save $10 on Toy Organizers at Toys R Us

    Currently on sale for $49.97 until Nov. 19th.

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  19. Cardboard Furniture


    I really like this drawing table and bench by Green Lullaby, made entirely out of corrugated cardboard.  The bench holds up to 120 Kg (!) and even has a storage compartment.  I guess I wouldn’t mind it if my kids coloured all over this kind of furniture.  Don’t worry, the surface is easily cleaned with a wet-wipe.  Ever wonder how you survived without wet-wipes before you had kids? 

    Their lightweight makes them easy to move around the house. the cardboard’s shock-absorbent qualities create a safer environment for the child. they can be easily cleaned using a wet-wipe.
    Completely recyclable made mostly of recycled material and protected by a ‘green’ fire retardant.

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  20. Mamapicks Exclusive Discount: You Are My Sunshine Prints

    I am madly in love with this print.  Partly because seeing yellow makes me feel happy on gray Fall days…and also because I want my girl to always know that she is my sunshine.  A beautiful addition to any girl’s room with the warmest message of love.  Created by the talented illustrator, Katie Lombardo.  Katie is offering this print to Mamapicks readers for a very special price of $15 + free shipping (prints are normally $20 + shipping).  Choose “reserved for Mamapicks readers” to order and if you are asked, mention the promo code Mamapicks in the notes to seller section.  You can order as many as you like!

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  21. Create-A-Dream Bedding – A Mamapicks Exclusive Discount!

    dreams1 dreams2

    Last week I was on a mission to find a toddler blanket.  The girl is now 2-years-old and still in a crib.  A baby blanket is too small and a twin size blanket is way too big!  I searched high and low and couldn’t find anything other than some crazy-priced quilts.  Luckily, I found what I was looking for at the Thornhill Mompreneur Night last Thursday.  It was kismet!

    Create-A-Dream is a company run by a lovely mom who designs a unique, high-end line of children and baby bedding.  The designs are whimsical and original and you can mix and match patterns.  Everything is printed with Okotex certification (meaning that the bedding does not contain any harmful dyes or chemicals) on the finest of fabrics.  You can purchase a complete set or choose an item to complement what you already have.

    I purchased the toddler down duvet with a beautiful duvet cover for $60 which is the deeply discounted price currently offered exclusively to Mamapicks readers!  Other  special prices for Mamapicks readers are:

    The Baby Yoga Matt – $60

    Fitted Crib Sheet – $15

    Complete Kid’s Twin Set (5-piece) – $145

    Complete Baby Crib Set (5-piece)- $180

    If you need a gift for Rosh Hashanah, new baby or are looking for something special for your own child, contact Create-A-Dream at  The service is very quick!  Special prices are not available on the website.

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  22. What Knobs Can Do!


    When my daughter was born, we needed baby furniture on a budget.  I bought this dresser for about $180 at Baby & Kids Furniture Warehouse on Steeles & Dufferin and changed the knobs.  These porcelain rose knobs come from…ANTHROPOLOGIE (the loveliest store in the universe).   I had to have a friend sneak my knobs past border officials but now, Anthropologie has two Toronto locations (Yorkville & The Shops @ Donmills).   Six colours to choose from, $6.82 ea.

    BTW, there is a 10% discount coupon on the Baby & Kids Furniture Warehouse website that you can print out.

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  23. Wall Flowers On Sale

    I love this set of 25 plastic wall flowers by Umbra.  They come in pink, white, green and black and can dress up any wall that needs a bit of umph.  You can arrange them any way you like.  Now on sale at Urban Barn for $25 (was $35).  There are 10 store locations in Ontario!

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  24. The Gems of West Queen West – Part III


    This is the third part of  my walk on West Queen West ( between Bathurst and Trinity Bellwoods Park).  See  Part I & Part II.  The stores in this area are so unique.  Lots of artsy stuff, original fashion, lovely furniture stores and lots of great finds for kids.  The things you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.  Stores here open rather late and are closed on the odd day so if you have something specific in mind, best to call ahead to check their schedule. 

    Click “Continued…” to read about the first 3 stores.


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  25. The Gems of West Queen St. West – Part II

    ziliotto kolkid

    This is the second part of  my walk on West Queen West ( between Bathurst and Trinity Bellwoods Park).  Click here for Part I.  The stores in this area are so unique.  Lots of artsy stuff, original fashion, lovely furniture stores and lots of great finds for kids.  The things you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.  Stores here open rather late and are closed on the odd day so if you have something specific in mind, best to call ahead to check their schedule.  Check in for more of West Queen West tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll want to head over this weekend!

    Click “Continued…” to read about the first 3 stores.


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