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  1. The Gems of West Queen West – Part 1

    polkadot2 redteabox

    I don’t get to go downtown very often but when I do, my favourite area to explore is West Queen West.  I start my walk on Queen and Bathurst and stroll to Trinity Bellwoods Park.  The stores in this area are so unique.  Lots of artsy stuff, original fashion, lovely furniture stores and lots of great finds for kids.  The things you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.  Stores here open rather late and are closed on the odd day so if you have something specific in mind, best to call ahead to check their schedule.  This is part of a 3-part series so check in for more of West Queen West over the next couple of days.

    Click “Continued…” to read about the first 3 stores.


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  2. Playroom Storage

    The IKEA Eina storage unit goes for $89.99.  Useful and reasonably priced…but it could use a coat of paint to spice it up a little (chalkboard paint perhaps?).  You can also glue LEGO base plates on top to make it into a LEGO table.

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  3. Tree House Beds


    I think I need to start a new category.  Things I want but can’t have.  These amazingly-amazing loft beds are from a Danish company called Kids Factory.  Their site is in Danish with no English options but I can tell you in very plain English that these tree-house beds are very expensive and that shipping would be a bitch.

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  4. Take A Look At This Shelf!


    This shelf caught my eye today.  It is called The Toy & Crayon Shelf and it’s made by a sleek Spanish furniture company called Nine To Nine.  The neat thing about the shelf is that it comes with ready made holes for those stuffed animal legs.  Isn’t it an adorable idea?  So…I was thinking…you can buy an IKEA Lack shelf for not-so-much and drill big holes in it.   And VOILA!  You’ve got yourself an awesome shelf for your nursery.   If any handy mama/papa takes this project on, be sure to send me a photo.

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