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  1. fathersday

    Yikes!  Father’s Day is on Sunday.  If you are still looking for something special and inexpensive to make with your kids, here are some ideas:

    Simple: Have the kids wash Dad’s car.



    Common:  Good old Martha Stewart has some great printable coupons on her site that can be given to dad.



    Creative: This printable file is available on Etsy for only $10 – all you have to do is print it out on nice paper, put your kids’  hand-prints on it, and frame!  Looks amazing.




    Original:  Make your own letters or buy them and return them (NO WAY!) at any art store or Pottery Barn Kids.  Dollar store might have them too!  Read more about it here.






    True: As I tell you every year, the best gift of all is to give Dad a break.  Everyone says that Father’s Day is for family time but I have a feeling that if you were to incorporate some alone time for your husband, he would be super happy.    Yes, dads need a break too.  Nice ones, that is.


    If  you did something fabulous for Father’s Day, send me a photo or link!  I would love to publish some of your ideas.

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  2. Free Printable Holiday Note Cards!

    Just in time for the holidays, Hazelbug has kindly sent this link for free holiday cards.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Check out her lovely blog and graphic work.  Thanks, Hazelbug!

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  3. Get your costumes early…

    If you buy a costume at Old Navy, you have their generous return policy (90 days) on your side.  Better get the right size before they sell out.  Another great place to get costumes on a budget is Winners.  They bring in a great assortment of costumes…and they are so cheap that adding them to your kids’ costume trunk is always fun.  Last but not least, for something totally unique, Etsy is a great place for hand-made original costumes (like the noodle bowl above).

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  4. Chinese New Year Craft

    These paper lanterns are surprisingly simple to make!  Even if you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend, I think they make for a fun project on a cold day.  All you need is paper (shiny is nice but not a must!) and fasteners.  Click here for detailed instructions.  This idea comes from a newsletter that I really love and receive weekly in my Inbox.  Kids Craft Weekly provides you with great ideas and simple projects that you can make at home with your kids..and it’s free.

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  5. Valentine Craft #2

    Another favourite by Martha Steward…these beautiful hearts are made from wax paper and crayon bits.  Speaking of wax paper, am I the only one who has recently baked on wax instead of parchment or are there other mamas out there??

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  6. Valentine’s Day Craft #1

    Martha has done it again.  Check out this cute DIY card for Valentine’s Day.  Click here for more information.

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  7. More Costume Ideas

    I ran into this adorable Tom Arma costume and thought it might be something rather simple to make if you have a white snowsuit for your baby.  I would also very much like to mention that I want to eat this baby’s face.  See more costume ideas here.

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  8. Personalized Gift Labels

    Who has time for writing heartfelt cards?  All that white space overwhelms me.  Time to get some personalized gift labels for the holidays or any other occasion.  The label can say whatever you want.  15% off until Oct. 31st @ Honeybunch.  Sign up for their newsletter and receive a $5 coupon…which makes shipping almost free!

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  9. Vegetarian Noodle Bowl

    I found this adorable costume on Etsy.  For more costume ideas, see my Holiday Goods section in the column on the left.  Maybe some of you are crafty mamas who can whip up a home-made costume.

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  10. More Costumes…

    Ok…this one is a little more complicated but is bound to be THE head-turner!  This could also be an amazing costume for an adult.  You will need to see the step-by-step instructions to realize that it can be done more easily than you imagined.

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  11. Road Trip Costume

    What a great last-minute Halloween costume!  This kid makes me laugh.  All you need is some toy cars, Velcro and electrical tape.  Here are more detailed instructions if you still don’t get it 😉

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  12. Cool Costume Ideas

    It’s all about the tutus for this Halloween!  Check out this adorable clown costume 🙂  You can be creative and put it together yourself, or buy it on Etsy from Lulabugs1 Shop for $40US.

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